Saturday, January 28, 2006


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Saturday, January 14, 2006


PeP-Viewer v0.8 - by pensoffsky
Readme by MjW

For information, requests, support and more please visit:

PeP-Viewer is a comic and picture viewer for the Sony PSP handheld.
It supports JPEG and PNG images with no Height, Width or Size limitations.

Considering you have a homebrew able PSP (for example version 1.5), you COPY
the folders pepv08 and pepv08% to your GAME folder in your memory stick.
The files should then be in \PSP\GAME\pepv08 and \PSP\GAME\pepv08%

The application should be compatible with any PSP that can run homebrew.
Meaning: 1.5, any PSP with HEN and any PSP with a Custom Firmware.

NOTE that if you have a custom firmware you homebrew folder will probably be
GAME150 instead of GAME, depending on your settings.

Controls and Settings

Controls while in Settings:
X: Confirm or enter a selection or option.
CIRCLE: Main menu or back.
D-PAD: Is used to browse between options or selections. Also D-Pad Left and
Right can be used in big lists of selections to jump 5 rows up or
SELECT: Pops Up the mp3 player options.
L-TRIGGER and R-TRIGGER: In the Files browser it jumps to the first or last

Controls while in Image Viewer:
CIRCLE: Main menu.
SQUARE: Pops Up the ZoomBox. Pressing again toggles between the 3 Zoom
D-PAD: Is used to move the image around.
ANALOGUE STICK: Is used to move the image around.
L-TRIGGER: Next image.
R-TRIGGER: Previous image.
SELECT: Pops up the mp3 player options.
START: Pops up Various resizing options and image information.


CPU-Speed: 3 settings adjust the CPU speed to your needs, 111, 222 and 333.

Precaching: Precaching allows you to silently load the next 1 or 2 pages
while you are reading. This minimizes the loading time near
Image Padspeed: Not a lot to say about it. 4 different speed settings,
Slow, Middle, Fast and Faster.

Image Analogspeed & Zoom Padspeed & Zoom Analogspeed: Same as above.

Fit to : Here you can set a default resizing option. You can choose between
None, Width, Height, Double Page and Width+Offset

Fit to offset: Here you choose the offset for the Width+Offset option above.
You can choose between 0, 20, 40, 60 or 80.

Rotation: Choose a default rotation setting of 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Top/Center/Bottom: Choose from where the image should start.

Left/Center/Right: Same as above, choose from where the image should start.

X and Y Offset: Are used to configure the starting point of an image with
more precision.

Reverse L & R: Reversing the L & R triggers.

The bookmarking feature is quite simple and is explained in the application
itself as well.
First use SQUARE to set a bookmark and then use R-TRIGGER to save. X to load
a bookmark and TRIANGLE to delete. Press CIRCLE to go back to the main menu.

As with bookmarks the controls are explained in the application itself.
Browse to you mp3 songs which should appear in blue and then press
TRIANGLE to Pause, SQUARE to Stop, X to play and CIRCLE back to the main
The folders appear in green colour and the mp3 files in blue. Everything
else that is not supported will appear in light grey colour.

Here you browse to your comics. The folders appear again in green colour and
the supported images in light blue. Everything else that is not supported
will appear in light grey colour.